Apps for Clients

1,000 Exercises (iPad only-$5.99)
101 Doses of Recovery 
for addictions/recovery ($0.99)
Body-Mass Index (BMI) Calculator for weight management/nutrition (free)
Contemplative Prayer for Christian contemplative prayer and meditation practice and instruction ($11.99)
CBT Referee for therapy self-help ($4.99)
DBT Diary Card and Skills  for Dialectical Behavior Therapy skills training($4.99)
DBT Self-Help for Dialectical Behavior Therapy skills training ($8.99)
eCBT Mood for mood monitoring ($0.99)
Gratitude Rock for positive affirmations ($1.99)
iCBT for therapy self-help (iPad only-$7.99)
iCouch CBT for therapy self-help ($1.99)
iDrink Smart ($0.99)  This app is ONLY for clients with a goal of responsible drinking. We discourage clients from using this app without first consulting with their counselor on its use.
Love Maps for an intimacy-building activity for couples ($1.99)
Men’s Health Magazine for helath and wellness info (iPad only-free)
Men’s Health Workouts for fitness ($1.99)
The Mindfulness App for meditation practice ($1.99)
Mood 24/7 for mood charting (my provider ID is aaronnorton)
My Food-A-Pedia 
for weight management/nutrition (free)
My Thoughts for self-monitoring and journaling ($1.99)
mym3 for mood monitoring ($2.99)
Optimism for mood monitoring (free)
STAT Depression Screener (free)
StepsAway for locating recovery meetings (free)